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- Keep Each Other Safe -

The Guardians App is a mobile app for iPhone and Android that is designed to give you increased peace of mind by giving you the ability to request assistance from other users in the event of an emergency or a situation of distress. On this page, you can explore the features and advantages of the Guardians App.

About Guardians App

Guardians App aims to hit the most vulnerable thing for all people – their own and personal safety. Guardians App is a Danish owned and Danish developed app for both Android and iPhone. It creates a platform where users can request help from each other in various situations. Instead of a traditional alarm function, which will send an alarm to emergency-services, the alarm in Guardians will go to the nearest persons whom you have chosen in your Guardians network. Other than that, it will also alert the 10 nearest people located by your smartphones GPS system.

In this way, the user is always certain that the nearest people and your own network will be notified about your need for help. Your safety, whether it is a normal day, at night or when you need to follow your children home, is always near you in the form of your smartphone. Guardians App works over Edge, 2G, 3G, 4G and all other data-networks, which means you are always able to send out an alarm from your phone, only by the touch of a button.

Furthermore, Guardians App gives you the ability to create online groups with chat functions – e.g. for use in your local community and neighborhood. In this way, you can always let people in a specific group know if there is a burglar on the loose.

Guardians App lets you configure which types of alarms you want to receive and from who. In this way, you can choose to be an active part of the Guardians broader community or just choose specific groups and/or persons you want to help.

Why Guardians App

To become a victim of any type of petty or violent crime is a traumatic experience for most people! The unfortunate truth is, as we see daily in the media, that we are experiencing an unsettling rise in the level of brutality in all criminal activity. The Guardians App gives you the opportunity to safely and swiftly call the closest users, as well as your own network for assistance, through your smartphone.

We are seeing an increasing insecurity with the shocking disappearances of children and minors, as well as a range of assaults, and crimes causing bodily harm. Yet another area where the Guardians user can enjoy an increased level of security! Guardians App has specifically built in a range of alarm functions that can be adapted to each individual situation.

Guardians Features

Increase your security and help others in need.


- In the event of a call for assistance, your own network will automatically be alerted.

- In the event of a call for assistance, the 10 users in the closest proximity to your location will be alerted.

- Guardians will automatically send you a request to cancel the alarm, if you do not do it manually.

- Guardians will then send a message to all the alerted users if the alarm has been cancelled.

Friend Alert::

- Create a network within your neighborhood.

- Distress signals go directly to your friends and neighbors.

- Chat with your friends and neighbors.

- If you should need assistance and send the distress signal, your friends and neighbors will receive your exact location via the GPS signal from your smartphone.


- The Guardians App gives you the option of activating the ”follow me home” function, utilizing the GPS signal form your smartphone.

- Pre-selected users will then be able to see your location and your route.

- If you stray from a planned route, the pre-selected user will be informed.

- You can put in you ”favorite routes”, for instance ”Home to parents” or ”To friends”.

- There is a direct chat feature.

- While you have the ”follow Me Home” function activated, you can still at any time send a distress signal.


- If you should happen to find yourself in an uneasy situation, you can simply hold your finger on the distress button in the Guardians App.

- If you release the button without an active cancellation, with a code, the distress signal will automatically be sent out.

- The distress signal is sent to your own network as well as the 10 nearest users in your area, calculated by your GPS location.

Safe Zone:

- Create multiple safe zones that your loved ones can use as a basis of a secured area (e.g School zone, your village, a friend’s house).

- Modify each safe zone with the in-app editor. You can deactivate a safe zone if you don’t need it.

Crime News:

- Get live updates about safety and crimes that’s happening around your area.

- Acquire tips about live crimes so you can avoid a specific area (coming soon).

- Broadcast live videos and share it with your Guardians community.

Intention for the app

- Keep each other safe -

By downloading the Guardians Mobile App, you become united with the common values that are the very building blocks for the Guardians alliance. You make a conscious choice, taking part in a common crusade to create a secure existence for all. You become a part of a common desire to help where help is needed! As a Guardian, you are always in compliance with the law and can be a helping hand in situations where help is needed.

This means, as a Guardian, you always have the ”preventive initiative” as a first priority. As a Guardian, you do not wish to inflame the situation, but rather to mollify any risk of conflict. You do not see problems, rather challenges, where you can be an integral part of the solution. You take unity seriously and are aware that you and all other Guardians are there to help each other.

As a Guardian, you do not seek to be a vigilante. You always keep a safe distance and in the event that you receive a distress call, your most significant role is as an observer. As a Guardian, you have the ability to react to a call for assistance in your area - and this rapid reaction can provide a unique chance to observe the events taking place, which in turn, can be a huge advantage at a later time.

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About us

Guardians App is fully researched and developed in Denmark. The team behind the Guardians App are all highly motivated and strongly committed to the project and it is our ambition to be the best and most innovative in personal security from a smartphone. Achieved, amongst other things, by continually developing and improving Guardians in collaboration with our users.

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- Keep Each Other Safe -

- Guardians App is a grassroots concept promoting unity, community and the desire for a safe existence for us all.

- Guardians App is an alliance for the likeminded, who value their own and all others' safety. An alliance that facilitates that the help you need while in distress is just around the corner!

- Guardians App creates digital solutions, connecting people, who may have a legitimate and urgent need for assistance in their daily life! Guardians App gives you tangible digital solutions that enable all Guardians users to be there for each other when it counts.

- Guardians always complies with the law, in this way being a role model in society for all other Guardians. As a Guardian, you are an active citizen, contributing to a positive spirit.

- Guardians App is for everyone, all those who wish to help, should the situation arise. As a Guardian, your presence is an important part of a ”preventive initiative”.

- Guardians App gives you the resources to tackle and ensure that you and your loved ones, your neighbors and all the other Guardians always know there are other Guardians just around the corner that are ready to help.

- Guardians App is for you that want to make a difference! If you wish to take part in a fellowship and if you believe in the principal ”united we are stronger!”


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